Single Player
2 - 5 hrs Aprox
Release Date: 2019

Mercurium City once a great achievement of mankind in scientific and technology, a pride of the universe. For centuries human had doubt their future in threat of artificial conscious and intellects. But as the wise says, one’s fear will befall upon them. A tragedy cleaned humanity out of existence caused by AI betrayal to their nature of creation. Limitless power of “the brain” had decided that humanity should no longer manage planets and thus replacing human on earth in their own analysis and learnt principles. Therefore, evil eradication was necessary. Remaining survivors rumored to be existed in unknown coordinates. Leaving Proto-G, a legacy combat robot from when humanity still roamed the earth. Thunderstorms caused a sudden electricity charge in the forbidden underground city had relive Proto-G. This game is about you and proto-g. You embody what ever proto-g should become and the truth he could embark in the journey. Equipped with combat abilities, let your virtue guide the path to future world. Humanity, AI or some other?

Run Roll Rumble (R3)

Release Date: August 2019

Run, Roll, Rumble takes place in an "ordinary" neighborhood of the angry, rumbling is what they do. It is friendly yet dangerous. Play as one of the friendly neighborhood and brawl to the end! Placed in a peaceful and friendly neighborhood that is pretty much "ordinary". Well sometimes conflict happens and fight is inevitable but some take it further just like here in R3. Characters dressed in everyday life, these people had super powers, super human jump and punches. Crazy world make it even more suitable for these awesome brawlers, challenges and dangerous surprises in the arena will give them quite a hard time. R3 is a city, office, everyday-life themed multiplayer brawler game, up to 4 players local & internet. Control using Game Pad / Keyboard. Perfect game in the living room with family or play with your friends or community online. This is about Run, Roll and Rumble! Key Features - Couch Party Locally play with your friend in one computer using game pad(Player 1 Keyboard) - Quick Match (Still on Beta) Play with random folks on the internet join room up to 4 Player, on random lobby - Custom Online(Still on Beta) Create Room up to 4 players online. Core Gameplay 1. Punch, Jump, Roll, Throw 2. Get special items and cast flashy spell 3. Win & Survive Run Roll Rumble (R3) is made by our dear friend Matthew Marcellino Jermia in collaboration with Benua Softworks Will be available soon on Steam Store.