Drunken Alien

Play Time
13 October 2019
Release Date

Drunken Alien is an endless tap and survive hypercasual mobile game that is taken by a creature of distant lands, oceans, planets, and galaxies. All for nothing but beers. These aliens are purple like a sweet yams, and people of earth call'em "The Yams". In the past these aliens was trying to capture and dominate the earth, but beers had made them powerless and so drunk that made them powerless against humans. After they retreated for years, earth is at last at peace. But one day, one of the aliens cannot forget the taste of smooth and refreshing booze. He is longing for it, and decided to roam the universe and return to earth for one and only beer. The best beers can only be found on earth, and some nation produce it the best of the best. All over the universe he will collect the trace of beers (not real beers), it will direct him to the mother earth, where his goal waiting for him.

Your part, is to make sure the poor addicted purple alien journeyed to earth without crashing his exquisite UFO. The game goal is simple :
1. Do not fall
2. Do not run out of fuel
3. Get some beers along the way